Charles Perrault. Little Red Riding Hood

Фото сказки для детей Шарля Перро "Красная Шапочка" на английском языке - Charles Perrault "Little Red Riding Hood"

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Once upon a time in one of the village there lived a little girl and she was so pretty that there was no one better than her in the world. Her grandma presented her with a red hood for her birthday. Since then the girl wore her new, smart red hood. The neighbors said about her:

— Here the Red Riding hood comes!

Once her mother baked the pie and told the daughter:

— Little Red Riding Hood, just go to the Grandma and bring her that pie and a pot with  butter and find out whether she is healthy.

Little Red Riding Hood went through the forest and  Grey Wolf came across her:

— Where are you going to, Little Red Riding Hood?

— I am going to my Grandmother and bringing her this pie and a pot of butter.

— And how far does your grandmother live? – Wolf asks.

— Far enough, — Little Red Riding Hood answers. – Over there in that village, behind the mill, in the first house from the end.

— Well, -said Wolf, -I also would like to visit your Grandma. I will go this way and you will go that way. And we will see who will come first.


Wolf said that and ran for all one is worth along the shortest path.  Little Red Riding Hood walked along the longest path. She walked without hurry, she stopped from time to time, picked up flowers and made bunches out of them.

Wolf came running to Grandmother`s house and knocked at the door:

— Rat-tat!

— Who is there? – asked Grandma.

— It`s me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood, — answered Wolf with a thin little voice. – I have come to see you and brought you the pie and the pot with butter.

The Grandma felt unwell at that time and was in bed. She thought that it was really Little Red Riding Hood, and cried:

— Pull the rope and- the door will be opened!

Wolf pulled the rope and the door was opened. Wolf rushed at the Grandma and swallowed her. Then he closed the door, lay in Grandma`s bed and started waiting for the Little Red Riding Hood.

Soon she came and knocked:

— Rat-tat!

Little Red Riding Hood came in the house and asked:

— Grandma, why do you have such big hands?

— To embrace you tight, my dear child.

— Grandma, why do you have such big ears?

— To hear you well, my dear child!

— Grandma, why do you have such big teeth?

— And this is to eat you quickly, my dear child!

Hardly could Little Red Riding Hood sigh, as an evil Wolf rushed at her and swallowed together with her shoes and a red hood.

But fortunately woodcutters passed by the house with their axes over the shoulders at that time. They heard the noise, ran into the house and killed Wolf. Then they unripped his stomach and Little Red Riding Hood came out from it and her Grandma followed her – both safe and sound.

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